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  • Materials for preparing incense
    Watch our video on preparing incense for use in liturgies.

Within these pages you will find tools and resources to enliven the music, liturgy, and preaching in your parish. We subscribe to the belief that worship is the first priority of the Church, and that imaginative, transforming worship leads a congregation toward effective discipleship and into mission, whether across the street or across the world. So, whether you are looking for an answer to a particular question, need a consultant to come to your parish or diocese, or want to take an online course in liturgy, this is the place for you.

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Ask Ambrose

Dear Ambrose: My church is not set up to live-stream services. Is there a resource that lists live-streamed services in the country? Thanks for asking that. There are two sites that list live-streamed worship: The Digital Church Guide (www.digitalchurchguide.com) lists services in English. Iglesia En Vivo (www.iglesiaenvivo.com) lists service in Spanish. If your church is…

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