What Hymns and Tunes Do You Want in a New Hymnal?

Hymnal 1982 accompaniment edition

This Ask Ambrose entry reverses what we normally do, because, here, Ambrose has a question for you! In fact, it’s a question we put out for conversation at this past summer’s Association of Anglican Musicians Conference in Connecticut.

Q: What hymns (and tunes) would you like to see in a new hymnal? And we had a lot of answers.

A: “How shall I sing that majesty” to Coe Fen; “The Church’s one foundation”; “Draw us in the Spirit’s tether”; “As newborn stars were stirred to song”; Blaenwern; “O that I had a thousand voices”; “O day full of grace” to Den signede dag; “O Savior, precious Savior”; “Angel voices ever singing”; “Be still my soul” to Finlandia; Thaxted; “Now the laborer’s task is over” to Pax; “Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendor” to St. Helen; “Lord, Thee I love with all my heart” to Herzlich lieb hab’ ich dir, O Herr”Helmsley; “The Lamb’s high banquet called to share” to Gonfalon Royal; Michael; Rustington; “On our way rejoicing” to Hermas

You will notice that some of these hymns and tunes are already in authorized musical resources of the Episcopal Church; clearly, people hope that they will live on as options for liturgical worship. In other cases, existing texts are offered in suggested pairings with other tunes. Do you have other ideas? Write to us and let us know. Obviously, the process of selecting, vetting, and organizing hymns for a new hymnal is a complicated and thoughtful process. Without diminishing that reality and making it overly casual, we’re simply curious about time-tested favorites of yours. We’d love to hear your ideas.