Summertime, and the singing is easy

Recently someone in the Episcopal Musicians Facebook group asked for suggestions for unison and two-part anthems for use in the summer. After doing some crowd sourcing and adding a few anthems of our own choice, we have come up with a list of useful pieces. If you are a subscriber of St. James Music Press ( you can do a search by voice parts and come up with several useful things for the summer as well. Many thanks to Cliff Hill at Cliff Hill Music ( and for checking to see if these were still in print!

So, in no particular order here are some ideas: 

Michael Sitton, “Beloved let us love” (Selah)
Daniel Pinkham, “Most Glorious Lord” (ECS)
Jack Burnham, “An Endless Alleluia” (Selah)
Daniel Pinkham, “Evergreen” (ECS)
Caleb Burhans, “I will lift up mine eyes” (
Martin How, “Advent Message” (Boosey & Hawkes)
Stephen Paulus, “Hear my words” (Hinshaw)
George F. Handel/Hal Hopson, “Come, Jesus, holy Son of God” (Flammer/Leonard)
Michel Grancini, “Lord of life and King of glory” (GIA)
Giovanni Pergolesi, “O my God, bestow thy tender mercy” (C. Fischer)
K. Lee Scott, “Gracious Spirit, dwell with me” (Augsburg)
William Bradley Roberts, “Little Lamb, who made thee” (Selah)
Martin How, “Bless, O Lord, us thy servants” (Hinshaw)
Robert Leaf, “Come today with jubilant singing” (GIA)
George Dyson, “I will worship” (Novello)
William Bradley Roberts, “In All These You Welcomed Me” (Augsburg)
David Ashley White, “O Bread of Life from heaven” (Augsburg)
K. Lee Scott, “Best of All Friends” (Morningstar)
Kenneth Lowenberg, “Blessed are the poor in spirit” (Selah)
Roy Johnson, “Children of the heavenly Father” (Plymouth)
David Ogden, “Christ has no body now but yours” (GIA)
David Hogan, “O Jesus, King most wonderful” (ECS)
Lloyd Pfautsch, “Seek to Serve,” (Hope)