Who We Are

Tuesday Evensong

We are a working group of liturgical professionals – some of us academics, all of us with long practical experience in liturgical leadership – committed to liturgical excellence in the worship of Christian communities, in their music, ritual, and preaching. We are Episcopalians, but we are ecumenically minded. We believe that liturgy is more than words, ceremonial notes, or music on the pages of a book, but the lively and authentic liturgical action of the people of God around Book, Font, and Table. We also believe that such lively and authentic embodiment of worship is possible for congregations and communities of any size, no matter how small, and no matter how limited or great their resources.

We do not all agree on all matters liturgical, but we agree that all liturgical practices should be well thought through, supported by sound scholarship, and measured by best practices. We hope to offer information, provoke conversation, and enliven worship.