About Us

Music, Liturgy, and the Arts is located at Virginia Theological Seminary, the largest accredited seminary in the Episcopal Church, a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Our mission is to help leaders in congregations to renew and clarify their focus for ministry in their parishes by offering resources in music, liturgy, and preaching. Our premise is that vibrant and engaging liturgical practices, including an energetic music ministry and effective preaching, are the driving force of a vital parish no matter what the style, and that imaginative worship transforms and leads to discipleship.

We have heard from clergy and musicians lamenting the lack of resources for those serving small and medium congregations–resources that could make a difference in the liturgical and musical life of a parish. We have also heard from clergy who have identified the need for improvement in their preaching skills. A wealth of resources will reside on this website and the Center will also

  • offer continuing education by means of conferences and symposia;
  • provide a consultancy service for parishes and dioceses;
  • encourage the work of diocesan liturgy and music commissions;
  • promote distance learning opportunities;
  • be available by phone or email to answer your questions.

So please take advantage of the resources contained within this site; call us with your questions; read our “Ask Ambrose” column.  Our mission is to help you to expand your imagination so that your congregation is empowered and inspired to become effective disciples of Jesus.