Chorister singing

Advent Hymns and General Hymns that Would Be Effective as Choral Anthems: How can you turn a hymn into an interesting anthem given limited rehearsal time and limited personal resources?

Clergy and Musician RelationshipsDo clergy and musicians always have to be at odds, and how can conflict and tension be gracefully avoided?

The Hymns of Charles and John WesleyAre you looking for some summary points for a parish presentation or simply to enrich your own knowledge?

Indices of the Service Music Edition of The Hymnal 1982Do you know where to find the many service planning resources within this edition? Do you know what resources are available within it?

Musical and Pastoral Skills Necessary for Strong and Effective Music TeachingHow many of these skills can you identify with, or what skills should you be looking for in your next parish musician?

Music and TechnologyHow can technology serve those who serve in churches as musicians? Brian Driscoll offers a number of helpful suggestions in a presentation made to the Association of Anglican Musicians in 2013.

Recruiting New Choir Members: What strategies and techniques can you employ to attract people to your choir?

Retaining Choir MembersIn addition to attracting choir members, how do we keep them engaged in choral programs and active in parish life?

Retaining Young People in ChoirsIn a day where youth are overscheduled and presented with many extracurricular options, how can you encourage them to remain in choir?

The Role of the Musician/Teacher: What qualities should you exemplify as a church musician, or what qualities should you seek in your next parish musician?

Index of Scriptural References for Lift Every Voice and Sing IIHow can I choose hymns based on Scripture from LEVAS II, since the hymnal itself provides no index? 

The Small ChoirHow can you reclaim the importance of the small choir, which is still large and rich in gifts and dedication?

Spiritual Gifts for the Church MusicianDo you make time to discern your own spiritual gifts and how they work to build up the Body of Christ?

Teaching New Music to CongregationsHow do you overcome resistance to learning new music, and how do you do this with a congregation that doesn’t read music well?

Understanding Anglican ChantWhat do all the signs and symbols in Anglican Chant mean?

Understanding Plainsong PsalmodyWhat do all the signs and symbols in plainsong psalmody mean?

What We Can Sing and Where We Can Find It: Are you aware of all the portions of the Episcopal liturgy that can be sung, and do you know where to find the musical resources within The Hymnal 1982?

What to Think About When Planning Music for WorshipIn the juggling act of planning worship, what questions do you ask yourself when choosing music?