People worshipping at Evensong

Bibliography of Resources for Incorporating People with Disabilities in Liturgical MinistriesWhat resources are there for including those who are disabled in active liturgical ministry?

Designing Your Easter VigilHave you imagined new ways of invigorating this central service of the Church year in your parish?

Designing Service LeafletsHow much thought and time do you devote to your church bulletins?

Enriching the Great Fifty Days of Easter: Does your parish’s observation of Easter end with Easter Day?

The LectionaryWhat exactly is this?

Preparing Incense for Liturgical Use (video)How do you cook charcoals and prepare a thurible before using incense in the liturgy?

Reflections on the Significance of the Lord’s Day: Why do we gather every week on this one day to worship God?

Resources for Planning LiturgiesWhat resources are out there to aid in worship planning?

Setting “The Stack” (video): How do you arrange and prepare the Eucharistic vessels?

Writing Prayers of the PeopleWhat are some ways of tailoring this essential aspect of the liturgy to the specific needs of the Christian community and the world?