Open Prayer Book

Episcopal Liturgy is a blog by the Rev. Canon James Turrell, Ph.D., a professor at the University of the South School of Theology, as well as a member of the Episcopal Church’s Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music. This blog surveys fifteen Episcopal parishes of varying liturgical styles across the country with regard to diverse ways of implementing liturgy in different contexts using a common core of authorized resources.

Knack for Noticing is a blog by the Rev. Dr. Alyce M. McKenzie, Professor of Homiletics at Perkins School of Theology. McKenzie focuses on how God is present in the midst of ordinary life.

NOTES on Music and Liturgy is written by Dr. David Perry Ouzts, Minister of Music and Liturgy at the Church of the Holy Communion, Memphis, Tennessee.

Prayer Book Catholic: Liturgy, Spirituality, and Life is a blog by the Rev. Stephen R. Shaver, an Episcopal priest. Fr. Shaver offers a wide variety of resources related to parish life, including sermons, resources for liturgy and teaching, and academic publications that he has written related to liturgy.

The Rev. Bosco Peters is an Anglican priest in the Anglican Church of New Zealand who posts frequently about liturgy.

Roof Crashers and Hem Grabbers features sermons by The Rev. Whitney Rice, an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Indianapolis.

The St. Bede Blog is a product of Derek Olsen, an Episcopal layman who has a Ph.D. in New Testament and writes frequently on liturgy and medieval and monastic spirituality. He also serves on the Episcopal Church’s Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music. This blog also has a link to a versatile online version of the Daily Office, the St. Bede’s Breviary.

Sed Angli is a blog featuring various writings on Anglicanism, liturgy, sacred music, and Church life.

David Sinden is Organist and Director of Music at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in St. Louis, Missouri. An avid lover of liturgy and music, he writes regular blogs on a variety of topics related to these subjects.

The Subdean’s Stall is a blog on topics related to Anglicanism, liturgy, and the Church by The Rev. Canon Robert Hendrickson, Sub-Dean for Partnerships & Administration at St. John’s Cathedral in Denver, Colorado.