The Once and Future Hymnal Symposium

The Once and Future Hymnal:
Developments in Culture, Language, Theology, Technology, And Musical Style

Thirty-five years have passed since the approval of the Hymnal 1982, after which, four supplements were approved for congregational use – Lift Every Voice and Sing II, Wonder, Love, and Praise, Voices Found, and My Heart Sings Out.  As the Episcopal Church begins to explore hymnal revision the time has come to look at the developments in culture, language, technology, and musical styles since the hymnal was published.  With that in mind, the Center for Liturgy and Music at Virginia Theological Seminary hosted a symposium on October 23-24, 2017, to examine these issues. Dr. James Litton, who served on the Hymnal 1982 committee, addressed the cultural and musical conditions that led to the Hymnal 1982; the Reverenxd Dr. William Bradley Roberts and Marilyn Haskel discussed the achievements of the Hymnal 1982 and its supplements; the Rev. Dr. Kathy Grieb spoke about the developments in theology, and the Rev. Frank Wade addressed the developments in society and culture over the past three decades. Panel discussions about developments in language, technology, and musical style comprised the remainder of the symposium.

Click on the names to watch the plenary addresses:

James Litton
Katherine Grieb
Frank Wade
Marilyn Haskel/Bill Roberts

Click on the names to view the transcript of their discussion:

Andrew Sheranian
Bill Roberts
Carl Daw
Carl MaultsBy
David Eicher I
David Eicher – Technology
Frank Wade
James Litton
Keith Tan
Marilyn Haskel
Martin Seltz
Martin Seltz – Tech
Mel Bringle
Nancy Bryan
Susan Palo Cherwien

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