Designing Dynamic Liturgies: A Ten Week Course for Clergy & Musicians

Are you a musician who is working in the Episcopal Church for the first time?

Are you a vocational deacon who desires to know more about the Church’s liturgy?

Have you been working in the Episcopal Church for some time but want a refresher course?

Or are you just curious about how liturgies are put together?

Offered through the Stevenson School for Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania and Virginia Theological Seminary, this course will explore principles and best practices for designing dynamic liturgies. The full breadth of the Book of Common Prayer, Enriching Our Worship, The Hymnal 1982, Lift Every Voice and Sing II, Wonder, Love, and Praise, and other liturgical and musical supplements will be discussed. The topics covered include the liturgical year, the Eucharist, Baptism, Lent and Holy Week services, and special services. Special attention will be paid to smaller-resourced parishes.

FACULTY: The Rev. Shawn Strout, Associate Dean of Chapel for Worship Planning at Virginia Theological Seminary, and Ellen Johnston, Senior Associate for Life Long Learning and Director of Music, Liturgy and the Arts at Virginia Theological Seminary

COST: $300 for credit and $100 for audit

DATES: Weekly Zoom Meeting Times:  Tuesdays at 7:00 PM, beginning February 25, 2020.