Ask Ambrose: Choosing Hymns to Go with Scripture using Lift Every Voice and Sing II

Q: I’m trying to pick hymns from 
Lift Every Voice and Sing II based on Scripture passages in the lectionary, but there doesn’t seem to be a guide anywhere, at least that I’m aware of.  Do you have any ideas?

A: This is an excellent question. The lack of any Scriptural index in Lift Every Voice and Sing II makes it difficult to choose hymns based on the lectionary. There is no published index, but we have recently acquired an index created by the Rev. Sarah Saxe while a student in a liturgical music class here at Virginia Theological Seminary. Saxe devised her own index by consulting a variety of other hymnals with Scriptural indices to see if each of the hymns in LEVAS II occurred in them, thus compiling her own Scriptural index for LEVAS II. You can access it here. Many thanks to the Rev. Saxe for sharing her labor of love with us!