Ask Ambrose: Who was He?

St. Ambrose photo

Ambrose of Milan (c. 340-379 AD) was bishop of Milan from 374 to 397 AD and an influential theological voice of the early Church. Interestingly, Ambrose was an unbaptized Roman governor when we was coerced by a crowd to replace the recently deceased bishop of Milan. This resulted in his baptism and ordination as bishop. In addition to his important theological writings, Ambrose is also considered the author of a number of metrical hymns, some of which are still sung in English translations.

In honor of St. Ambrose, our “Ask Ambrose” page is a safe place to ask your liturgical and musical questions. Often we don’t ask because we are embarrassed not to know, but no question is too silly to ask. Email us with your questions, and find your answers here.