Ask Ambrose-Take a Bite out of the Apple – Easy Recording Ideas

Dear Ambrose:  I would like to have some music in my virtual services but my very small choir is reluctant to sing into a phone or a computer.  What can I do?                         Aching for Music

Dear Aching:  I certainly understand that the new ways of choral singing is a challenge for some choir members.  Here are a couple of ideas:

  • If you have a couple of choir members (a treble and a bass) or just you and one other person who are up for it, use GarageBand which is loaded onto all Apple devices.  Record the accompaniment of your hymn or a simple anthem.  Add a track and record the melody.  You will need earbuds plugged into the device.  Add a track and have the bass (or tenor) record the melody as well.  Make sure they have earbuds plugged in as well.  You can then play during your service.  Having people singing a hymn with your accompaniment plus the other two voices will encourage your congregation to sing along at the service. 
  • If you are feeling especially adventurous, take a simple two part anthem.  Record the accompaniment and both parts yourself on GarageBand.  
  • If you have a handbell group you ask them to record a piece.  Handbell groups can rehearse and play with masks on and can be physically distanced.
  • There are many simple pieces using bells.  Record the accompaniment, add a track and record the bell parts (you may need to use several tracks) and then sing the vocal part.  

You can also do any of the above with the Spire app available for free on Apple devices.  

Using your imagination you will be able to provide music for your services.


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  1. We’re not all Apple people. I have used Audacity on my Windows computer for audio functions and Wondershare Filmora 9 for video editing.

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