Ask Ambrose: Is Epiphany a Season?

Dear Ambrose: Is Epiphany a season? I have read church newsletters which talk about the “Season of Epiphany” but since the Sundays are counted after the Feast of the Epiphany that seems incorrect. What gives? Signed, Waiting for the Light

Dear Waiting,

It can be confusing. Epiphany is a day – January 6 – a fixed feast. I refer you to the Rev. Dr. Leonel Mitchell’s book, Praying Shapes Believing. Dr. Mitchell speaks to the “season after Epiphany.” These Sundays, which vary depending on the date of Easter, “sometimes called ‘Green Sundays’ are not simply filler or ‘ordinary time.’ They are an integral part of the year. The season after Epiphany binds the Incarnational Cycle [Advent through Christmas] to the Paschal cycle, using the celebration of the Transfiguration in the propers of the Last Sunday after Epiphany as a transition to the Lenten season.” Praying Shapes Believing, Dr. Leonel Mitchell, p 30.