Ask Ambrose

Dear Ambrose: We are now in a new Liturgical Year. What resources can you recommend for Prayers of the People besides Formsd I-VI in the Book of Common Prayer? Signed, Tired of Form VI

Dear Tired: One resource we really like is Planning for Rites and Rituals available from Church Publishing, Inc. ( In addition to prayers composed by the Rt. Rev. Geralyn Wolfe, Bishop of Rhode Island, Res., the book (one for Year A, one for Year B, one for Year C) gives seasonal overviews, suggests hymns, gives synopses of readings, and music more.

Another resource for Prayers of the People is Intercessions for the Christian People ( This book, edited by Gail Ramshaw, offers prayers for each Sunday of Years A, B, and C. Writers of the prayers include the Rt. Rev. Neil Alexander, the Rev. Gordan Lathrop, and the Most Rev. Frank Griswold, among many others.

Both books are also available on Amazon.