Ask Ambrose: Small Choir and No Budget!

Dear Ambrose:  I serve at a small church and have few organ skills. I have a small choir and virtually no music budget. Help!

~ Desperate



Dear Desperate:  We feel your pain.  Here are a couple of ideas:

St. James Music Press ( is a subscription based website that has hundreds of choral anthems, organ and handbell pieces, and even brass part.  For $139 per year you can access their entire catalogue of music.

You can find some basic information about the organ here:

This site is primarily for pianists who find themselves needing to play the organ.  The website covers a basic description of the organ, ways of accompanying a congregation, and some downloadable music.

For churches with no budget for music you might want to take a look at this website:  The site contains hundreds of free, downloadable anthems primarily for choir with sopranos, altos, and a few men.  There are some unison and SATB pieces as well.

We hope these are helpful to you.